4 member gang hack owner of finance company in broad daylight in Chennai

Murder caught on camera: 6-member gang hacks owner of finance company in broad daylight in Chennai (Screenshot)

Chennai: Two people went to court while others remained at large in connection with the murder of a 36-year-old financier in broad daylight at Aminjikarai in Chennai on Wednesday afternoon. Footage of the chilling murder, captured on the various CCTV cameras installed at the crime scene and camera phones, has gone viral on social media platforms.
The deceased was identified as Arumugham, a resident of Vaidhyanathan Street in Chetpet. He runs a financial company in Anna Nagar and has six pending cases of assault, murder and harassment of women against him.

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The incident happened around 1.30pm when Arumugham was riding a passenger on a bicycle with his employee Ramesh. The four men on two two-wheelers intercepted the duo near Pulla Avenue. Arumugham started running down the main road but the gang members parked their vehicles and gave chase. The assailants caught him at a median, reported YOU.

One of the viral videos showed the four-member gang then attacking Arumugham with edged weapons repeatedly hacking at him, unconcerned that they were filmed by passing motorists and others.

Arumugham died on the spot while Ramesh managed to flee for his life. The entire murder happened in public view, but no one came forward to help Arumugham.

Another video, shot from a moving car which also went viral, showed Arumugham bleeding profusely from his hands and head.

Following the deadly attack, some people alerted the control room and a team from Aminjikarai Police rushed to the scene and sent the body for an autopsy at Government Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital, YOU reported.

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Police opened an investigation after registering a case based on footage from a few CCTV cameras at the scene. The registration numbers of the killers’ bicycles, which were recorded in the video, are also being examined by police.

The police investigation revealed that Arumugham allegedly attacked borrowers for non-payment of dues and often even threatened them. Although the motive for the murder is yet to be determined, police suspect that the murder may have been the result of Arumugham’s enmity with some defaulting lenders.