A man celebrates his first salary by offering poor children a treat at McDonald’s, Internet users react

The first instance of every act, whether at school or at work, becomes a memorable moment in life! The happiness of receiving a job, receiving the salary in hand for the very first time – is a feeling to be cherished and lived to the full. While some were giving their parents the initial amount they were honored for their work, a man was spotted on the internet offering food to poor children.

Have you watched the award-winning Tamil movie “Kaaka Muttai”? Two underprivileged children are seen wanting to eat pizza, but they can’t afford it. The film not only chronicles their fantasies and cravings for treats, but also shows their attempts to get a slice. Thus, in the minds of street children, there may be a suppressed desire to snack on well-known brands. Giving them wings to achieve such a desire, even if it is only for a day, could be a special experience for them.

Taking to Twitter, IAS officer Awanish Sharan shared a photo of a man celebrating his first salary with underprivileged children by offering them snacks. He tweeted: “When he got his first salary he took about 15 poor kids to McDonald’s.”

Although it is an old photo that resurfaced on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, Internet users did not hesitate to respond to it. Most suggesting it was a simple case of displaying his act of kindness, others praised his kind gesture.

“What value will eating McDonald’s food bring to these poor children, I wonder?” …. Food is not important in the life of the poor.”

However, some reacted by appreciating the act in a positive way. One netizen wrote, “At least he does it for a day.

A Twitter user recalled the fact that this is an old image and that currently these children may not be enjoying the right meal, after saying that some have retired so as not to end their lives nostalgic for good food.

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Posted: Monday May 16th 2022, 09:43 IST