Admiral Bailey pleased with improved crime statistics – but wants more incentives for those giving information to cops | News

Admiral Bailey, a veteran dancehall DJ, is pleased with reports from the Jamaica Police Force (JCF) on recent successes in seizing illegal weapons and reducing serious crime incidents.

The JCF recently reported a 37% increase in the number of illegal firearms seized compared to the corresponding period last year. Police also reported a 17% drop in major incidents over the same period.

“It’s a good thing and if you can get the guns, which I have no doubt you can get all the guns, then you’ll have a safer society. The only people who aren’t happy are the criminal elements who want the firearm to do criminal activities. So it’s the minister of security and the commissioner [of police] have to put in effort and hard work to get the weapons,” the artist said. THE STAR. He also praised the use of social media campaigns employed by police forces, such as “Wanted Wednesdays” or the recent Valentine’s Day ad that called on people to report their criminal ex-lovers. However, the DJ pointed out that campaigns will only succeed if there are rewards for citizens.

“If a man knows how to say when he gives summen, there are summen, he will do that. But when a man gives summen and he doesn’t go crazy, den yuh nah goes crazy. That’s how society works and you have to move with it,” warned Bailey.

In January, Bailey recorded a six-minute video in which he expressed he was ‘fed up’ and ‘enough was enough’ as ​​the country had recorded more than 70 murders in the first 18 days of 2022. Among the victims was nine-year-old Gabriel King, who was found with his neck lacerated in an abandoned vehicle in St James. In the video, Bailey called for capital punishment for murderers and pleaded for inmates serving misdemeanor sentences to be forced into executions. He felt that the sight of offenders potentially getting dirty by dying would force thieves to reflect on their lives and turn away from crime. But while bullish on the statistics, he urged policymakers to implement another recommendation he made in January; engage licensed firearms owners in the fight against crime.

“If they [the authorities] can make it easier for a licensed firearms holder to be deputized and try to protect [residents]then it will help because there are a lot of [legal] gun owners there,” he said.