After the hike, the salary of Delhi MPs outstrips that of fellow lawmakers in other states | WeForNews

New Delhi, July 5: The Delhi Assembly on Monday passed the bills to increase the salaries and allowances of ministers, president, vice president, opposition leader, chief whip and members from Delhi.

As the two-day monsoon session began on Monday, Justice and Legislative Affairs Minister Kailash Gahlot introduced the five amendment bills to raise pay and allowances by 66%.

Participating in the debate, Deputy Chief Minister Mansish Sisodia, who holds the finance portfolio, said that the salary and allowances of Delhi MPs are rising from Rs 54,000 per month to Rs 90,000.

The breakdown of revised salary and allowances includes base salary of Rs 30,000, constituency allowance of Rs 25,000, secretarial allowance of Rs 15,000, telephone allowance of Rs 10,000 and transport allowance of Rs 10,000. Rs 10,000.

The AAP government has repeatedly stated that the salaries of Delhi MPs are among the lowest compared to their counterparts in other states.

However, contrary to popular belief, the salary of legislators in the capital is higher than that of deputies in many other states.

According to official figures, lawmakers in Telangana are the highest paid in the country at Rs 2.50,000 per month. They are followed by their counterparts in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and some other states.

On the other hand, MPs from Kerala receive the lowest salary at Rs 43,750 per month, followed by MPs from Tripura who receive Rs 48,420 per month.

Legislators in West Bengal receive Rs 81,870 per month.