Amazon and Capital One investigate after thieves surface as Amazon drivers steal credit cards across the valley

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Amazon and Capital One are investigating after the Arizona family uncovered a possible fraud scheme last week.

The criminal acts seem too similar to be a coincidence. Different men in Amazon driver gear act like they’re dropping off a package but steal a replacement credit card right after FedEx drops it off at homes in the valley.

“I thought it was an oddity when it happened to me, but found out I was a victim too,” said Tracy McDowell, who contacted Arizona’s family, among many other victims, after our report aired last week. “I think it’s a top racket, that’s my opinion,” McDowell said.

With the victims’ permission, Arizona’s family gave Amazon their home addresses and the time of the theft. Upon investigation, Amazon confirmed that its employees were not responsible, as no employees or deliveries were scheduled for the routes where the thefts occurred.

Besides McDowell, most of the victims had their Capital One cards stolen, now that the company is also investigating, after Arizona’s family asked for comment.

The Arizona family also contacted the attorney general’s office and gave them five police report numbers. However, they could not confirm or deny whether they were investigating.

“The million dollar question is obviously how did he know I got the credit card in my envelope in FedEx? Because it was literally less than 10 minutes before I got my text message that my card had been delivered to my front door that it had been taken,” McDowell said.

This is the answer that victims are trying to unpack. Security expert Adam Coughran thinks one way scammers can learn is by hacking emails after scamming the victim’s credit cards. “They’re monitoring your email, so when you get the notice that your card is going to arrive today, well, now they know your card with the email on the package is on its way,” Coughran said. .