An American journalist killed in an attack near the Ukrainian capital

LVIV, Ukraine – Police in the Kyiv region say an American video journalist died and another journalist was injured when they were attacked by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Police said on their official website on Sunday that Russian troops opened fire on the car of Brent Renaud and another journalist in Irpin near the capital. He said the injured journalist was taken to a hospital in Kiev.

A New York Times spokesperson said Renaud, 50, was a “talented filmmaker who had contributed to The New York Times over the years”. He stated that he was not working for the publication at the time of his death.

Police said, “Of course, being a journalist involves risks. Nonetheless, US citizen Brent Renaud paid with his life trying to bring to light the abuser’s deception, cruelty and cruelty.

Asked about the information, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told CBS News that the US government would consult with the Ukrainians to determine how it happened and then “apply appropriate consequences.” .

“It’s been part and parcel of what has been a brazen aggression by the Russians, where they’ve targeted civilians, they’ve targeted hospitals, they’ve targeted places of worship, and they’ve targeted journalists,” Sullivan said. .

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