An Iranian national poses as an intelligence officer in the capital, steals a lot of money from another foreigner; held | Latest Delhi News

New Delhi: Delhi police arrested a 46-year-old Iranian national for allegedly posing as an agent of an intelligence agency and stealing Indian and foreign banknotes from a Sudanese national under the guise of searching his narcotics bags in South Delhi. Lajpat Nagar on June 14, officials said on Sunday.

The accused – identified as Hossein Rezafard Ahmad – and two of his accomplices, who were also posing as intelligence agents, searched the bag of the Sudanese national – Mohammad Bakry – who was in Delhi with his wife for medical attention, police said.

“The police recovered 200 US dollars, 4,000 Sudanese pounds, 28,000 Iranian riyals, 200 Saudi riyals, 5,000 cash and a car from the possession of the arrested man… The trio targets foreigners visiting Delhi on medical visas. They track their movements – usually the hospitals they visit in Delhi, track them and commit such crimes,” Deputy Police Commissioner (South East) Esha Pandey said, adding that Ahmad had also come to India. with a medical visa on May 21. year.

Admittedly, police did not share details about how many such crimes the trio had been involved in, or the nationalities and whereabouts of the other two suspects.

According to police, Bakry filed a complaint against the trio at Lajpat Nagar police station on June 14, alleging that as he and his wife were returning from a hospital in Greater Kailash at around 4:40 p.m. that day, three men traveling by car stopped them. . The trio posed as officers from an intelligence agency and searched his bag for narcotics. “Following the search, the trio left. Later, when Bakry opened his bag, he found some missing money. Based on Bakry’s complaint, a case of theft was registered at Lajpat Nagar Police Station and an investigation was opened into the matter,” Pandey said.

Police scanned CCTV footage of areas near the crime scene and using the car number found that the vehicle was registered to a Mahipalpur-based travel agency. Police approached the owner of the business, who said he sold the car to a Nawab in March. Police traced Nawab’s address to Gurugram, but he had left the place by the time police arrived. Following this, the police put Nawab’s cell phone number under electronic surveillance.

“We discovered that Nawab was in constant contact with Ahmad, after which we focused on Ahmad and arrested him, along with the stolen banknotes and the car, in Delhi on Friday,” an investigator said on condition of anonymity.