AP DGP Gautam Sawang on Crime Statistics Report 2021

VIJAYAWADA: PA Director General of Police (DGP) Gautam Sawang hosted the annual crime review briefing for the media on Tuesday and released the crime statistics report for the year 2021.

He spoke about the impact of various awareness programs like Spandana, Disha initiatives for the safety and security of women and children, technological innovations towards effective and evidence-based policing. The various measures taken for the welfare of police personnel, the awards received by the AP police nationally, including the number one AP ranking in the SMART police in the country in the citizen satisfaction survey of the Indian Police Foundation 2021. The DGP also outlined the key principles of the matrix for the change and transformation of the PA Police Department since June 2019 towards improved efficiency, transparency, accountability, friendly and clean police for effective and efficient public service delivery in accordance with the government’s mandate and the vision of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Highlights of the report

-He said the number of traffic accidents, dowry harassment cases and white-collar crime in the state were down from 2019. He said crime in all categories combined fell 27% in 2019 and 18% in 2020.

-The DGP said the police provide special services during natural disasters. He said the government is investing heavily in the welfare of the police and the number of awards received nationally is a testament to the performance of the state police.

He said the police system will be further strengthened with more technological innovation and policies next year. Crimes Against Women (CAW) cases increased by more than 25% in Andhra Pradesh in 2021.

-The average number of investigation days has been significantly reduced to 42 days from 102 in 2020.

-The overall crime rate has increased by three percent.

– No less than 1,27,127 recognizable crimes took place in the state compared to 1,22,987 in 2020.

-Cases of crimes against women, which constitute 14% of the total number of crimes in the state, were 17,736 in 2021 compared to 14,603 in 2020.

-PA Director General of Police Gautam Sawang said the increase in the number of cases of crimes against women should not be viewed in a negative sense, as this number indicates access to the police and the criminal justice system and the awareness that government creates among women.

– “We have several awareness programs for women to come forward and file complaints in the event of a problem. Our Disha app, designed for women’s safety, has over 97 lakhs of downloads, which indicates the level of awareness, ”Sawang said.

– No less than 75 cases of rape and 1,061 cases of sexual offenses were charged within seven days.

-Road accident cases have declined, but not drastically, to 18,286 in the current year from 18,357 in the last year.

FIRs and chargessheets filed

-We have accelerated the investigation of the cases so that the culprits can be punished quickly. In 2021, FIRs and chargessheets were filed at record levels. Of the 45,440 FIRs registered in 2021, 36% came from awareness-raising activities such as the enforcement of COVID regulations, he said.

-The load sheets represented 83% in 2018, 85.9% in 2019, 89.1% in 2020 and 90.2% in 2021.

15,715 Zero FIRs were recorded. FIRs were recorded in 75 rape cases and 1,061 sexual assault cases within 7 days. 1,551 charge sheets were recorded in cyberbullying cases.

-A total of 40,404 FIRs were recorded in complaints received through the Spandana program and 96% of issues were resolved within 7 days.

– Sanctions for convicts in 75 percent of cases

– A record number of sentences handed down in 2021 – 49.4% in 2017, 52.6% in 2018, 38.4% in 2019 and 69.7% in 2020 and 75.09% were sentenced in 2021.

-For the first time in the country, we destroyed 7,226 acres of cannabis cultivation as part of Operation Parivarthan. Its value in the international market is Rs 8,875.24 crore. We seized 1,694 vehicles and seized 3,13,514 kg of cannabis worth Rs 314.50 crore, 2,762 cases of cannabis were recorded and 43,293 cases were recorded against those who brew alcohol and illicit grog.

-In 2021, the Maoist party suffered an irreparable blow in the state. There have been four meetings in the state this year, where six Maoists were killed. Four Maoist leaders and 43 militiamen were arrested and 13 leaders and 5 militiamen surrendered.

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