AP Government Teachers Salary Hike Matter: Check Out Latest News – Protests, Tensions, Arrests Over ‘Unsatisfactory’ Salary Review | Details to know

AP Govt Teachers Salary Hike Matter: Teachers from the Andhra Pradesh (AP) government took to the streets across the state on Thursday and stepped up protest over ‘unsatisfactory’ salary review, IANS report says .

Remove GO

-Protesters staged rallies and sit-ins to demand the government withdraw a government decree (GO) setting the new salary scales announced in accordance with the decision for a 23% salary increase, the IANS report added.

-Declaring that the salary revision is lower than the Interim Relief (IR) they benefited from, employees and teachers rejected the GO. They ask to be paid according to the previous salary structure.

FFederation of Andhra Pradesh Teachers’ Organizations (FAPTO): Protests

-As part of the protest plan, the Federation of Teachers’ Organizations Andhra Pradesh (FAPTO) had called for protests in district collectors.

-However, the police issued a notice to the union leaders on Wednesday evening ordering them not to participate in the demonstration because no authorization had been given for it.

– Leaders of teachers’ unions were also placed under house arrest in the early hours of the day in several places to foil the protest. Demonstrators were also detained by police as they made their way to district collectors to protest.

-The police have reinforced security in the offices of the district collectors in the 13 districts. Barricades were erected around the collectors to prevent demonstrations.

-Teachers attempted to besiege collectors in Guntur, Nellore, Chittoor, Kadapa, Kurnool, Visakhapatnam and other district headquarters.


-The protests have caused tension in a few places. Teachers heading to Kadapa collector from Proddatur were stopped by police at Kothapalli checkpoint. Teachers sat down in the road to file their protest. Holding flags and shouting slogans against the government, they demanded the demolition of the GO.


-Police arrested teachers who were heading towards Chittoor district collector for the protest. Leaders of teachers’ unions have been placed under house arrest in Tirupati. Unions have condemned the arrests of teachers and demanded their immediate release.

-Meanwhile, employee unions also continued their protest against the GO. Employees went to the offices with black badges.

Andhra Pradesh Joint Action Committee (APJAC) of employees

– The Andhra Pradesh Joint Action Committee (APJAC) of employees has already decided to give strike notice to the government on Friday. APJAC leaders will meet with Chief Secretary Sameer Sharma to submit the 14-day notice.

Wage increase: what do employees want?

– Employee unions are demanding that the government pay their wages in line with the 27% IR relief that was announced pending the implementation of the new Pay Review Commission (PRC) report.

-Since the government announced a 23% salary increase, employees say there will be a downward revision of salaries.

-However, the general secretary affirmed on Wednesday that there will be no downward revision of salaries. He claimed that with the payment of DA arrears since 2019, the gross salary will increase.