Article 144 taxed in the capital

Islamabad: To avoid a law and order situation on the day of the ‘no confidence’ vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan, the district administration imposed Article 144 and completely banned passenger driving in the federal capital , Islamabad, for one day. The Deputy Commissioner (DC), Islamabad issued a notification in this regard here on Saturday.

To avoid any untoward incident during the “no confidence” vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday (today), the district administration completely sealed off the “red zone” area with large containers and barbed wire and reinforced the security in the federal capital, Islamabad. The local administration also banned all kinds of gatherings in areas inside and outside the “red zone” within a radius of one kilometer on Sunday.

A notice issued by the Islamabad District Magistrate prohibits “all kinds of gatherings of 5 or more people, processions/gatherings and demonstrations inside the red zone”.

“Area west of the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Murree Road, including the New Chinese Embassy, ​​the area south of University Road to 4th Avenue, the area south of Khayaban-e- Iqbal from 4th Avenue to Ataturk Avenue, the area east of Ataturk Avenue to Jinnah Avenue, area east of Embassy Road to Shahrah-e-Suhrawardy, area north from Shahrah-e-Suhrawardy to Serena Chowk, area north of Dhokri Chowk (Convention Center Chowk on Kashmir Highway) to the intersection of Murree Road and 3rd Avenue) and areas outside the red zone in a radius of 1 kilometer from the outer periphery of the red zone on all sides,” he added.

The Punjab Metro Bus Authority (PMBA) has also decided to halt metro bus service here in Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Sunday.

Metro Bus Authority (MBA) Director Ms Shumaila said we are suspending bus service under unusual circumstances. We cannot take any risk to the lives of the public, she said.

The local administration, Rawalpindi, has also ordered increased security throughout the city. Law enforcement decided to deploy police officers all around Faizabad.

The reliable sources also informed ‘The News’ that the Rawalpindi and Islamabad district administrations have provided tear gas canisters, rubber bullets and other items needed by the police officers to control the law and order situation in the twin cities, especially around the ‘red zone’. .