As Union finance minister lands in Nagaland, RPP submits appeal for president’s rule in state | MorungExpress

Dimapur, August 22 (MExN): While Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is set to attend the 2022 CSR and Investment Conclave organized by the Government of Nagaland, the Rising People’s Party (RPP) has lodged an appeal, seeking the reign of the President in Nagaland.

In the August 20 appeal, RPP Chairman Joel Naga and Secretary Akum Longkumer pleaded their case, drawing attention to a number of “irregularities and embezzlement” of public funds in the ‘State. After the imposition of the President’s rule, he said that the Indian government can facilitate the CBI’s investigation of the irregularities and also expedite all ongoing CBI and ED investigations in the state.

According to the RPP, the latest CAG 2022 report for the fiscal year 2019-2020 highlighted some serious infractions by the state government.

Of these, he said 12 departments were involved in the siphoning off of Rs 200.65 crore and Rs 6.6 crore in other departments. He also said that Rs 25.28 crore was embezzled in the electricity department and awaits departmental and criminal investigation, while Rs 82.79 crore embezzled by the Ministry of School Education awaits criminal investigation in two business.

Other cases of embezzlement, according to the CAG report, included three cases of embezzlement amounting to Rs 223.79 crore in the PWD (Roads and Bridges) department; Rs 20.23 crore in the planning and coordination department; Rs 14.20 crore misappropriated in tourism department; and another Rs 13.70 in the health and family welfare department, the RPP pointed out.

Furthermore, the party said that Nagaland is currently the only Indian state without a medical school in which the only project implemented in 2014 is still incomplete after 9 long years. The amount sanctioned/released by the Indian government stands at Rs 171.10 crore, he said.

Similarly, the Nagaland High Court building remains incomplete at 35% work done even after 15 years and the exorbitant amount of Rs 52.63 crore is withdrawn till date. Started at the same time, the High Courts of Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura have established their respective High Courts and have been functional since 2013, he pointed out.

Stating that these irregularities and embezzlement are “just the tip of the iceberg”, the RPP said it was perhaps important for the finance minister to “ask some tough questions” during his visit.

Meanwhile, the party said that although its visit was an opportune moment for all stakeholders, “the general population is on the whole embarrassed by your visit because Nagaland happens to be the most corrupt state of India with absolutely nothing to show in terms of growth, not to mention the NITI Aayog which rates Nagaland as the worst performing state in India in terms of poverty, health, affordable energy, sustainable cities, industries and infrastructures according to the SDGI 2021 index. »

“Respectfully, our state is also the worst performing state in the National Energy and Climate Index (SECI) according to the NITI Aayog 2022. Nagaland ranks 33rd out of 35 states and UT,” he said. he adds.

Elaborating further, the RPP explained that the state government is unable to pay the unpaid salaries of 130,000 government employees, including teachers, police personnel, administrative officials and employees of the national mission.

“The state budget in perpetual deficit, the latest being less than Rs 2212.74 crore for the year 2022-23, is cause for major concern. According to your own report released on July 25, 2022, the total outstanding debts (debt) of the Nagaland government stands at Rs 15,620.80 crore as of March 2022,” the party pointed out.

Meanwhile, he also said in the appeal that he had submitted a memorandum to the governor of Nagaland demanding the president’s rule earlier in May, citing a financial emergency.

Stating that it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s express dream to see an India free from corruption, the RPP therefore called on the Finance Minister to respond to the demand for presidential rule, and subsequently, “facilitate the investigation of the CBI on the above irregularities; and also expedite all ongoing CBI and ED investigations in the state, including giving the CBI prosecution sanction over the High Court construction scam.