Ayrshire: Sex crimes on the rise in latest police statistics

There have been more sex crimes in Ayrshire in the past three months than in the previous recording period, according to statistics from Police Scotland.

There were 415 sex crimes recorded between April and September of this year, compared to 370 recorded during the same period in 2020.

69 cases of rape / attempted rape have been recorded, up from 48 last year. Indecent assault / sexual assault increased from 18 to 160.

There has been a decrease of one in non-sexual violent crimes, which include murder, manslaughter and aggravated assault, among others, 251 were recorded this year. The total number of burglary offenses fell by almost 90 and there were 28 fewer offenses involving offensive or bladed weapons. Simple assaults, including against rescuers, increased by 261 from 1,770 to 2,031.

Division Commander Chief Superintendent Faroque Hussain said: “Returning resources to the Flexible Response Unit division will allow us to better support the local police and respond to the changing needs of the communities of Ayrshire.

“One of those priorities is routine assaults which, during this period, we recorded 261 additional incidents. That figure includes 54 additional assaults on rescuers, which is disappointing given that we and our service partners – even we put ourselves in danger to ensure the safety of people.