Barclays issues scam warning to ATM users | Personal finance | Finance

ATM or ATM fraud can happen when people least expect it and remains a serious problem. Barclays warned that although this scam is more familiar, fraudsters are still trying new ways to pull it off.

The result, however, remains the same with potentially devastating consequences for those entangled in it.

If a person is distracted at an ATM, they could easily lose sight of their card, where the scam occurs.

Barclays warned: “Your account is drained before you know it.”

Scamming is unfortunately a proven method that is still used to target unsuspecting victims.

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The fraudster and his accomplice can get away with the money they won.

If they take the card, the situation could be even worse, as they can use it with the PIN they saw to withdraw money from an account elsewhere.

Naturally, this could be a horrible outcome for those who inadvertently find themselves victimized.

As a result, Barclays says it is essential to stay alert and protect yourself even when performing what we all consider a simple activity.

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If a person is distracted at an ATM, they should always check their card details.

Indeed, a scammer could create the distraction to steal his card and replace it with a similar card.

Individuals may not realize the change until it is too late, with fraudsters running off with the hard-earned money.

Those who believe they have been scammed should contact their bank immediately.

Their card could be blocked and payments halted to prevent the scammer’s unscrupulous activities.

Brits can also report the matter to Action Fraud or Police Scotland if they are in Scotland.