Bedford Finance Committee Volunteer Spotlight

~ Submitted by the Volunteer Coordinating Committee

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The Finance Committee currently has an opening for a new volunteer member.

The Finance Committee is part of the legislative process for the government of the Town of Bedford. He is a representative of Town Meeting – which is the legislative and appropriations authority of Bedford town government. The powers and duties of the finance committee are defined in the general laws of Massachusetts and the regulations of the town of Bedford. The Finance Committee is the authority that prepares the annual budget for the Town of Bedford. It is also charged with the authority and responsibility to examine all municipal matters for the purpose of making reports or recommendations to the City at municipal meetings. The Finance Committee also has the authority to vote transfers from the City’s reserve fund for necessary and unforeseen current year expenses of any City department.

The finance committee is a municipal council composed of nine (9) members chosen by a nominating committee composed of the following three persons: the chairman of the finance committee, the moderator and the chairman of the select council. The Nominating Committee appoints members for a term of three years or, in the event of a mid-term vacation, for the duration of the vacant term.

The finance committee, prior to each annual municipal meeting, prepares a budget for publication in the annual municipal meeting’s term report detailing the projected revenues and expenditures of the city for the following fiscal year, as well as its councils and recommendations on city fund appropriations and other matters relating to future expenditures of money to come before the city meeting.

The role of the finance committee during special town meetings is to give its opinion and recommendations concerning any allocation of town funds.

The Finance Committee attempts to strike an appropriate balance between minimizing tax increases while maintaining City operations and services and a historically sound financial position. Although the finance committee has the ultimate authority over the preparation and presentation of a budget at the annual municipal meeting, it has long worked diligently to achieve consensus among all city councils, committees and departments. . In most years, it succeeds in achieving budget consensus among all interested parties. The Finance Committee meets most weeks during the height of the budget season from January to February. From September to December and March, it meets on average every two weeks. From April to August, it meets on average once a month.

The Finance Committee is assisted by many City employees, as well as elected officials and members of other City boards and committees. During the year, he meets and works closely with the Select Council, School Committee, Capital Expenditure Committee and all other Bedford elected councils and committees and many appointed councils. He also works closely with the City Manager and City Finance Manager and their staff and other departments such as Fire, Police, Facilities and DPW. All of these boards, committees and departments provide valuable advice, guidance and advice on budget matters which are carefully considered and incorporated into the preparation of the City’s annual budget by the Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee is a wonderful opportunity for citizens who have experience and interests in the work of the financial, commercial, municipal and public sectors. The finance committee is made up of educators, nonprofit professionals, business owners, managers and executives, lawyers, and other professionals. This wide variety of experiences provides a valuable and varied perspective for her work.

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