Burglaries, thefts, overall crime down in 2021, according to Los Altos police statistics | News

Crime statistics collected by Los Altos show a noticeable decrease in thefts and burglaries, while cases of domestic violence have increased in the past year.

Based on figures from 2021 through November, the tally shows that 46 burglaries were reported this year, up from 70 in 2020. There have been 142 cases classified as thefts in 2021, 202 in 2020. There are no had virtually no change in the number of vehicle thefts, with 17 reported. in 2021 until November and the 18th connected in 2020.

“It is sometimes difficult to explain increases or decreases in crime, especially when we are dealing with relatively low numbers,” Los Altos Police Chief Andy Galea said. “The decrease in thefts and burglaries marked me the most. I think the fact that people are still working from home or part-time from home has a lot to do with this reduction. “

Also note: three robberies were reported in 2021, 11 in 2020; and the total number of arrests has declined, with 119 in 2021 (minus December) and 255 in 2020. There were three rapes reported in 2021, two in 2020. No homicides were recorded until present in 2021, against one in 2020.

The total number of reported crimes decreased from 2020, with 278 cases this year from 353 in 2020. Arrests also fell to 119 in 2021 from 255 reported in 2020.

On the other hand, there have been increases in certain categories: the number of assaults has increased (41 for the first 11 months of 2021, against 35 in 2020), as have cases of domestic violence (18 in 2021, eight in 2020) and arson. (eight cases in 2021, five in 2020).

Galea attributed a relatively low number of crimes to the vigilance of many residents of Los Altos.

“We regularly post crime prevention tips and crime trends,” he said of his department’s communication with residents. “As you know, our Los Altos community is engaged and caring – it certainly helps when people are ready to tell us about crime or unusual activity.”

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The recent spate of armed robberies hitting retail stores across the Bay Area, and as near as Palo Alto, is making shoppers, workers, and store owners understandably nervous.

Los Altos Police do not assume that such incidents will not happen here.

“I think every community with any type of retail establishment is potentially a target for these thieves,” said Galea. “While we don’t have any malls that are popular targets, we do have a number of retailers that sell high value merchandise. These retailers are certainly potential targets.

Galea said police departments across the state meet and communicate regularly about thefts, the suspects involved, and strategies to help thwart crimes.

“Most police departments, Los Altos included, have an increased presence in retail areas as a deterrent,” he said.