Calera Police Department Shares July Patrol Stats – Shelby County Reporter

By MEG HERNDON | Personal editor

CALERA – The Calera Police Department released its patrol statistics for July on Thursday, August 4 on its Facebook page.

Police Chief David Hyche said he has started posting the information monthly to communicate with taxpayers where their money is going.

Additionally, Hyche said he wanted to show the audience the reason for any delay in response.

“We’re understaffed, (and) that’s hurting our response time,” Hyche said. “Sometimes we have people coming in with minor issues, and they have to wait in the lobby for 30 minutes, maybe even longer, and I hate that. So, I like to communicate that we’re not just taking our time to hear about your issue, it’s that we’re probably on a higher priority call.

Patrol statistics show the reports CPD received in July across its 75 square mile patrol division. Statistics do not include reports from the Division of Investigators or School Resource Officers.

The number of reports received in July was what the department typically sees, Hyche said.

“One thing that bothers me though is the consistent number of domestic violence responses that we continue,” Hyche said. “And these are without a doubt the most dangerous calls, or certainly one of the most dangerous calls that law enforcement has to deal with nationwide, because it’s not unusual for a couple fights back, but when law enforcement arrives, he’s an outsider. And it’s not uncommon for the two to then turn to law enforcement.

Hyche said another real problem is that often the complainant in the relationship won’t press charges and ends up going home, where the CPD will see the same abuse happening over and over again.

In July, the CPD saw a total of 997 reports.

CPD patrol statistics for July included:

  • Attacks – 4
  • Domestic violence – 22
  • Motor vehicle accidents – 85
  • Flights – 12
  • Motor Vehicle Break and Enter – 1
  • Burglary – 3
  • Burglar alarm response – 78
  • Help the public or another organization – 90
  • Motor vehicle accidents – 85
  • Patrol Requests – 166
  • Traffic stop – 384
  • Citizen welfare check – 31
  • Arrest warrant served – 36