Calera Police Release Patrol Statistics

CALERA, Ala. (WBRC) – If you’re looking to track crime in your area, Calera Police are trying to help by posting their department’s statistics on Facebook.

They do this especially now that their staff is small, but the number of calls they answer from the public has not dropped.

In the month of July alone, Calera Police Department patrol statistics totaled up to 997 reports.

This includes reports of assaults, domestic violence, traffic accidents, thefts, patrol requests, traffic stops and much more.

Chief David Hyche said he wanted to be transparent with Calera ratepayers.

“A department the size of ours, where we may have four or five officers patrolling all of our 75 square miles, it may take two or three to respond to a domestic violence call that puts them out of action for a some time,” Hyche said. “We had a really big crash with serious injuries today, well there are three or four of my men working on it today, that’s a good chunk of all our staff covering the whole town. “

Hyche said the number of reports received in July is pretty consistent with what the department usually sees.


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