Capital witnesses rise in street crimes – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The capital has seen an increase in car thefts, motorbike thefts and cell phone thefts over the past week. According to data collected by company registrarmore than 20 motorcycles were stolen and three vehicles were stolen or torn from various parts of the city.

Gunmen snatched mobile phones from more than 17 citizens in the jurisdictions of various police stations. The city also recorded more than eight cases of robbery, including robbery and snatching at gunpoint.

Armed persons seized six mobile phones in the confines of Industrial Zone Police Station, two mobile phones in the jurisdiction of Sabzi Mandi Police Station, one mobile phone each in Karachi Company, Koral, Secretariat Police Stations , Shalimar and Khanna.

Motorcycles stolen or torn off in the past week with registration number CHK-8040, “requested” bike, RIK-9765, “requested” bike, “requested” bike, BKM-9396, FDQ-5496 , AXL699, “requested” bike, AFQ-550, RIK-4914, RIC-6477, LED-2586, B2482, “requested” bike, BBP-267, “requested” bike, 5028-RIK, RIM-6898 , BPN-368 and another “requested” bike.

Similarly, car lifts stole three vehicles bearing registration numbers, RIV-7679, LXB-33 and YG-554 from various locations in the city.

Over the past week, four armed individuals intercepted a businessman and looted $200,000 from him in the city’s high-security zone. The gunmen snatched a bag containing the amount from the businessman’s car and escaped from the scene.

Similarly, gunmen broke into an office within the confines of Aabpara police station and looted two laptops worth Rs 100,000 and a multimedia projector worth Rs 50,000. Another gang snatched a handbag to a person with a mobile phone and other valuable documents, within the jurisdiction of the same police station.

Additionally, armed individuals snatched a cell phone from a person within the confines of the Secretariat police station. Meanwhile, two armed people riding bicycles snatched Rs 10,000 in cash and a mobile phone from a citizen within the confines of the Industrial Zone Police Station.

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