Car lifting incidents show sharp rise in federal capital – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Car lifting incidents have seen a sharp rise in the city despite police claims that they have taken strict measures to control crimes as well as carjacking incidents. City police recorded 36 car theft cases, 21 theft cases and 16 cell phone thefts in the past week.

According to data collected by company registrartwo people were also murdered in the jurisdictions of various police stations during the same period.

Auto thieves have remained active in the city over the past week and snatched or stolen 36 vehicles, including 29 motorcycles and seven cars.

Over the past week, criminal gangs have been most active in the boundaries of Koral, Ramna, Industrial Zone, Golra and Sabzi Mandi Police Station.

During the same period, the Koral police station recorded one case of robbery, two cases each of theft of money and mobile phone at gunpoint, three cases of car theft and one case of murder.

Three armed people snatched money from Muhammad Shera at gunpoint.

In another incident, a gang of three armed people snatched money and cards from Bilal Afzal.

In addition, three armed persons snatched the mobile phones from Muhammad Idress and Attiqu Rehman. Unidentified thieves broke into Hussain Bilal’s house and looted money and gold ornaments. Unknown persons shot dead Mohsin Ali within the confines of the Koral police station.

During the past week, Sabzi Mandi Police recorded two cases of theft, mobile phone theft and three cases of car theft.

Unknown individuals stole a purse containing cash from Muhammad Ijaz Malik. Two armed individuals snatched a mobile phone from Ahsan Ali and Islam Gul at gunpoint.

Two armed individuals snatched money from Meher Ullah within the confines of Sabzi Mandi police station.

Likewise, within the confines of Golra police station, three cases of car theft, two cases of theft and one case each of kidnapping at gunpoint and one case of kidnapping of mobile phone have been reported. . Unknown individuals snatched a mobile phone from Muhammad Nasir within the confines of Golra police station.

In another incident, thieves stole an LCD screen, laptop, mobile phone, watches and cash from Pervaiz Akhtar’s house. Unidentified thieves broke into Shabnum Ashraf’s house and looted money.

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