Chandigarh public school IT teachers await five months salary

After waiting six months for their salaries in 2021, UT public school computer science teachers again claimed they had not received their salaries since December of last year.

Seeking to clarify the status of pending salaries, a computer science professor who did not wish to be named said: “Our salaries since December have been pending. The old contract expired at the end of March and the new contract starts in May. What will happen to our April salary now? »

Moreover, with the hiring of a new contractor for the teachers, several complained of being asked for money by the contractor for the release of their salaries. Computer teachers had made similar accusations against the previous contractor, also hired through the government’s e-marketplace (GeM) portal.

Teachers accused the current contractor, who was also hired at GeM, of allegedly asking as much as 30,000 teachers in some cases. Calling for action against such harassment, they demanded that these contractors be blacklisted.

Addressing the issue, Director of School Education Palika Arora said: ‘Teachers should submit a written complaint to the department about this and we will look into the matter.’

Arora added that the relevant file for the pending salaries was being processed and the issue would be resolved in the coming days.

Other UT education department officials, meanwhile, also confirmed they were aware of teachers’ complaints, saying April’s salary would not be deducted and teachers would be paid in full. The district education officer (DEO) had also written to all heads of public establishments to send the attendances of computer teachers for the month of April.

There are a total of 115 junior and 48 senior computer science teachers employed by UT’s education department. The teachers work on a contract basis and due to issues with the contractor their salaries have been delayed for three months in 2020 and six months in 2021. Salaries for the months of April to November were paid in December, but the teachers did not receive any remuneration. after.