Charles: Hinds must justify a salary of $ 50,000 | Additional News

National Security Secretary Fitzgerald Hinds has been asked to justify his $50,000 monthly salary and stop wasting time on social media.

According to Opposition MP Rodney Charles, Hinds needs to devote more time to his full-time job of reducing “runaway murder rates rather than spitting venom at perceived political enemies on social media”.

“Hinds needs to start showing measurable results to justify the more than $50,000 a month he receives in salary and other benefits,” Charles said in a press release yesterday.

Charles challenged the Minister to set a goal of reducing the murder rate by 10% per year.

He noted that in Singapore ministers receive a base salary with annual increases based on measurable performance.

Charles said that if annual murder rates, for example, were reduced by 10, 20, or 30 percent, Hinds’ salary would rise accordingly.

On the other hand, he said, if the murder rate increased under his watch, say by 10%, he would be fired.

“It is clear that Minister Hinds is unaware that his job is to keep us safe. He mistakenly believes it’s to excel on social media,” he said.

Charles noted that there have been more than 420 murders in the ten months since Hinds was appointed minister and more than the 392 for all of 2020 before Hinds took office.

He added that last October, under Hinds’ watch, Trinidad and Tobago recorded 51 murders compared to 32 for the same month the year before.

Charles said that in January this year, this country had recorded 50 murders compared to 24 for January 2021.

He said under Hinds’ watch, there were 77 murders in November 2021, the highest for that month in T&T history.

“We are a war zone, for example in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, according to CNN reports, which until last Thursday recorded 136 victims of intensive Russian bombardment, less than the 420 murders we have recorded since Hinds took office,” he said.

Charles further noted that Toronto recorded 74 murders last year for a population twice ours with only 5,500 police compared to the 7,000 regular cops and 3,000 SRPs under Hinds.

“With Hinds at the helm of national security, citizens live in dangerous, wild, wild fear of the west. Criminals appear to be in control, killing with murderous impunity,” he said.

He claimed Hinds’ appointment was almost a catalyst for increased brazenness and freedom of movement for criminals.

“It is clear that Hinds, given his poor performance as Minister of National Security, must resign immediately so that someone more competent can take responsibility for the crime while allowing Hinds to focus on the improving his Facebook skills,” Charles said.