City updates crime stats – The Post-Searchlight

The Town of Bainbridge recently sent out its 2021 Annual Report, which provides an update on crime statistics that have occurred in Bainbridge.

The statistics were provided in three different categories: Patrol, Fire and Criminal Investigation Division.

A breakdown showed that in 2021 Patrol issued 2,936 citations, arrested 632 people and responded to 637 accidents, involving 1,157 vehicles. Fortunately, none of these accidents resulted in casualties.

BPS director Frank Green said officers have increased the number of citations issued, as last year they only issued 2,700. Green said the number of crashes had only increased slightly, as well as arrests. The BPS arrested 601 people in 2020 and had 632 accidents.

Despite the fact that accidents only increased slightly, Green said it was still too many accidents.

“We are really concerned about distracted driving and the number of accidents it causes,” he said. “We have between 4 and 5 accidents a day.”

Because of this, Green really wants to get tough on patrols, even if that means issuing more speeding citations, running stop signs, etc. to save people from accidents and injuries.

The fire category showed that BPS responded to 388 fires this calendar year. 125 of those calls were for necessary rescues and emergencies, while 57 of them were for the sounding of the fire alarm or a false alarm.

The average time recorded to react to a fire was 2 to 3 minutes.

Fire Chief Doyle Welch said fire calls have been below average this year. However, ER calls have increased as BPS is often on standby for Life Flight.

“I would say we get about three or four times more calls for this than we used to,” Welch said.

CID statistics revealed that BPS investigated 74 burglaries, 122 controlled substance incidents, 99 shoplifting cases, 102 car complaints and five robberies last year.

Green was proud to see that crimes against people and businesses were down from the previous year.

Statistics for 2020 showed 97 burglaries and 17 robberies, compared to 74 burglaries and just 5 robberies this year.

Shoplifting cases decreased slightly from 109 cases in 2020 to 99 cases this year.

Incoming automobiles and controlled substances were the only categories to see increases.

Seizure of automobile cases increased to 102 from 99 in 2020. However, incidents related to controlled substances nearly doubled.

In 2020, BPS only investigated 65 controlled substance incidents, compared to 122 currently.

Green can’t pinpoint the cause of the rise in controlled substances, but would like people to be able to protect themselves against auto cases.

It encourages all individuals to lock their car doors and take all valuables, as well as any firearms inside their vehicle, home at night.

“It’s fine to roll around with your gun during the day, but please bring it inside at night,” Green reminded everyone.

With most categories seeing declines, Green was pleased with the report, but still plans to focus on safer driving techniques.