Columbia Borough agrees to pay part of the salary of a community safety officer at Columbia High School | Community News

When: Columbia Borough Council meeting, August 23.

What happened: Columbia High School is set to have a community safety officer starting Sept. 6 after board members approved the conditional hiring of Jordan Corbin. The borough will pay one-third of his $30 hourly wage, while the Columbia Borough School District will pay the rest. This amount does not include benefits.

More information: This position differs from a school resource officer, who must be a police officer. The Columbia Police Department does not have enough officers to send one to the school, Police Chief Jack Brommer told council members. Still, Corbin, who has received training, will carry a gun.

Quoteable: “The Columbia Police Department is unable to maintain a school resource officer due to staffing issues and lack of interest,” Brommer said after the meeting. The department currently has 17 agents but can accommodate 21.

Objective: The security guard should build rapport with the students and provide an initial police response, Brommer said.

Details: Corbin, who must perform background investigation and medical exams, will work in schools during the school year and report to the police department during the summer. According to Brommer, Corbin has significant experience in the security industry.

Part-time positions: Two women have been recommended for a part-time position as a community services aide with the police department. Each woman will work alternately 15 hours per week from 4 p.m. to midnight. Community services assistants direct people within the police department, dispatch officers and write reports on found property and animals, Brommer said. The service already employs a helper who works during the day.

Technology: The police department used a $30,000 grant to install digital fingerprinting equipment about two weeks ago. Printouts and ID photos can now be uploaded and sent to the state police in minutes.

Apartments: Council has approved the partial demolition and renovation of 305 Locust St., which will become part of The Flats at 315 apartments. The building currently has commercial space on the ground floor, two efficiency apartments on the second floor and one efficiency apartment on the third floor. A basement does not currently meet borough code standards.

What’s coming: The commercial space will remain, and the workers will fill in the basement and build a two-bedroom apartment on the second floor and another on the third floor.

And after: The board will meet at 7 p.m. on September 6. The meeting will be broadcast on the Borough’s Facebook page.