Community members react to shootings in the capital region over the weekend

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) — For decades, Sheryl Rosaya has operated her business, Unique Hair Design, on Scotland Avenue.

“To see what it is now after 30 years, it’s never been like this,” Rosaya said.

What is normally a quiet neighborhood was anything but Friday night, when police say 17-year-old Markeith Franklin was shot and killed just outside Rosaya’s store.


“It’s just a sad situation to know that it is a 17-year-old who died on the pitch,” Rosaya continued.

Rosaya was closing up shop when she and her customers heard the gunshots. She says the crime makes it harder for businesses to want to move to the Scotlandville area. And she wants to see change.

“I hope we can come together with police officers, business owners, community leaders to make the area safer,” Rosaya added.

A few miles south on Cedarlane Drive, another shooting claimed the life of 37-year-old Ryan Marlow before the sun rose Saturday morning.

Neighbors here say they’ve had enough of crime too.

Baton Rouge Police Department

“Police cars all the way down the street, it was recorded to my neighbor’s house there, and I heard a woman screaming and that’s what got me out of bed” said Barbara Miller, who lives down the street.

Barbara Miller has spent her entire life in this neighborhood. She and her husband Michael are shocked that this is happening in their peaceful community.

“It seemed right; I mean it was surreal, I mean I couldn’t believe this was happening. I mean the guy fell right outside my house,” she explained.

“People are settling too many things with guns now rather than, you know, everything they used to do. People don’t argue, they immediately start shooting at each other,” said her husband, Michael Miller.

But the couple say this is their home, and all they can do is pray for things to change.

Both of these investigations are still ongoing.

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