Community Safety Partnership Office Violent Crime Reduction Statistics NR22257ma

September 16, 2022

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department’s Community Safety Partnership Office (CSPB) recently shared statistics on the reduction in violent crime at CSPB sites.

The CSPB’s mission is to use community relations strategies to build trust between law enforcement and the community. Developing long-term relationships, improving community capacity, and community partnership lead to reduced crime and improved community perception of safety. In August, a review of violent crime statistics showed an overall reduction in violent crime across the ten Community Safety Partnership (CSP) sites. These sites include Nickerson Gardens, Imperial Courts, Jordan Downs, Avalon Gardens, Gonzaque Village, Harvard Park, South Park, Pueblo Del Rio, Ramona Gardens, and San Fernando Gardens.

Violent crime is down year-to-date from 2019 by 7.9% across all CSP sites. Homicides at all sites have decreased by 50%. Looking at specific CSP sites, Nickerson Gardens, the largest housing estate in the city of Los Angeles, has seen a 50% decrease in violent crime since 2019. Thefts are down 83.3% since the start of the year in Pueblo Del Rio and 50% in the Imperial Courts.

While Los Angeles, like many cities across the country, has struggled with rising crime, the CSPB has managed to find ways to reduce the overall violent crime statistics at its sites. The personnel assigned to the CSPB have not deviated from their mission and the statistics support the bases on which the CSPB is based; community partnership can lead to a decrease in crime.