COP said to recover cops’ wages for failing to comply with order


Two female inspectors who failed to execute a warrant without bond issued by a Mahila court despite an instruction from the Madras High Court itself should cancel the wages they earned while serving as an officer nationwide post office (SHO). Women’s Police Station (AWPS), Anna Nagar. The Madras High Court ordered the Grand Chennai Police Commissioner to recover his salary for violating court orders and return it to the state government.

Judge P Velmurugan issued the instruction during the hearing of a motion by K Parimala of Nerkundram, which asked the commissioner to execute the warrant of non-repayment issued by the additional court of Mahila, Egmore, against his beautiful -Sister S Sabitha and her husband Srinath Sankar in a domestic violence case in 2013. The court dismissed the accused’s appeal in 2019 and ordered officials to carry out the Mahila court directive.

When the case fell on Wednesday, Judge Velmurugan expressed his displeasure with two female civil servants for failing to comply with directives from the lower court and even the High Court. “The two delinquent agents named Dhana Lakshmi and Selvi, who were the inspectors on different occasions, being civil servants and receiving a salary from public money, did not fulfill their duty satisfactorily and did not obey the order. order of this tribunal. Therefore, they are not entitled to the salary during their period as an officer of the station house (SHO), ”said the judge.

The money should be recovered from them and returned to the government, the court said, and also ordered the commissioner to take ministerial action against the two officials. The agent was also asked to file a report on the measures taken in court at the earliest, preferably before February.

Dhana Lakshmi and Selvi were the inspectors who handled the case when they were SHO at the station. Currently, Dhana Lakshmi works in the City Crime branch and Selvi works in the Uniform Services Recruitment Council of Tamil Nadu.

The court had summoned Dhana Lakshmi on December 29 to ask for an explanation of why she had not executed the warrant as ordered by the court. However, she did not explain the reason for not complying with the court order, the judge noted.