Cops deliver 15 for mortgaging fictitious gold in financial company | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: Kolar Police on Thursday registered a fraud case against 15 people for allegedly mortgaging fake gold in a financial company and borrowing a loan of Rs 12.5 lakhs. The defendants include three appraisers hired by the company to test the purity of gold and their two employees. The fraud was revealed during the company’s audit. The case was registered on the basis of a court order issued on the private complaint filed in court by the director of the financial company.
Investigator SI Upendra SIngh said finance company director Sonu Jain filed a complaint in court in which he alleged that in 2019 the company signed an agreement and appointed defendants Milind, Anil and Rajni as appraisers for the valuation of the gold to be mortgaged against a loan to the finance company.
The trio hired Rahul and Omprakash for the job. In 2019 and 2020, many people mortgaged fictitious gold in the finance company and borrowed loans. During the audit, it turned out that the gold was fake. After the fraud came to light, Sonu filed a private complaint in court upon which the court ordered the police to register a case against the accused.
Acting on orders, Kolar Police filed a case against the defendants including Milind Mohan Pawar, Anil Kumar Waghadkar, Rajni Anil Waghadkar, Ashish Omprakash Soni, Rahul Mittal, Ashish Agnihotri, Akshat Mangal, Atul Agnihotri, Mahesh Hargopal, Sonu Satyam Agnihotri, Shailesh Parihar and Shesh Ramjan charged with fraud. Further investigations were underway in the case.