Couple duped professional financier of Rs 60.65 lakh- The New Indian Express

Through Express press service

KOCHI: Police have launched a detailed investigation into the incident in which a husband and wife allegedly deceived a financial professional in the city of Rs 60.65 lakh by promising to set up a textile fashion store which would bring in good yields.

The defendants are Kamal Raj Manickath, 39, of Anagmaly and his wife Lakshmi Menon, 37, director of Salks Designs Pvt Ltd in Panampilly Nagar. The Southern police had registered a file on the complaint of the financial professional.

“Kamal Raj, a fashion designer and entrepreneur, claimed to be the founder and partner of Bangalore-based company ‘Soucika Couture LLP’. He and his wife made the plaintiff believe that if he took the textile showroom franchise from the business run by the defendant, he would get high returns,” a police official said.

The duo tricked the plaintiff into believing that they would start the new business in Kochi and raised Rs 60.65 lakh over three years. They broke their promise and embezzled his money, the official said.

A court that rejected the couple’s early bail applications observed that the case against them involved a particular and complex pattern of cheating and embezzlement as a continuous three-year offence.