CPD holds press conference revealing violent crime statistics

Police Chief Celeste Murphy said there was a ‘recent uptick’ in September

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Police Department is now addressing the city’s recent violent crime trends.

On Wednesday, the CPD held a press conference revealing crime statistics in the city.

Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy specifically addressed recent instances of violent crime in the city, including shootings, which have occurred since Sept. 1.

Murphy says while violent crime has been up lately in Chattanooga, so far this year the city has seen less so far than it did a year ago.

After a September that opened with numerous shootings, Murphy says the city’s initiative to tackle violent crime is stronger than ever.

“We saw that in the early summer and now towards the end of the summer we’re seeing that increase as well,” Murphy said. “Now is the time for us to remind those who are Chattanooga’s bad actors – the same thing they saw at the start of the summer, we let them know now [that]we are still in this business.

Statistics show that common assault accounts for approximately 58% of violent crime cases in the city, while aggravated assault accounts for 38%.

According to CPD Deputy Chief Jerri Sutton, in most cases the shooters know who they are looking for and open fire when they find them.

“The majority of shootings involved people who had ongoing issues with each other,” Murphy said. “Some of the shootings are gang-related. The highest number of shootings also took place in June and August. September is currently above the monthly average with an average of around six years.

As summer draws to a close, Chattanooga’s police chief says the CPD is doing everything it can to crack down on violent criminals.

Those who continue to abuse the law, she says, may consult the CPD sooner than they think.

Murphy: We try to focus on our repeat offenders, because it’s just a small percentage of gang and non-gang people who are driving the violence in this city. We’ll take care of it.

The CPD indicates that approximately 51% of violent crime cases have already been solved by arrest, exceptional authorization or some other means.

For those who may have information about recent crimes, as always, CPD encourages you to report them.

You can always do this anonymously.