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Alarming increase in criminal activity in Islamabad has sounded the alarm

The burgeoning crime scene in Islamabad has been a source of deep concern and fear for the citizens of the capital in recent times, especially in 2021. The crime rate has recently reached alarming levels, with countless incidents. of kidnapping of mobiles and motorcycles, thefts, thefts, frauds reported and observed here, the police largely unaware of who are the culprits.

In what might be called eye-opening statistics gathered by Bol News this week, primarily from police in Islamabad, a staggering 343 criminal cases were reported in Islamabad on December 19 alone. They include 25 criminal incidents that occurred on the same day, while a further 318 cases occurred on varying dates, but were officially registered on the same day.

The distribution of these 343 cases, according to the daily crime diary kept by the police, amounts to 16 crime cases in the urban area, 166 in the Saddar area, 40 in the I area and 121 in the rural area – in the capital and the outskirts. . Among these, there was one murder case and three kidnapping cases as well. On December 22, a citizen lost his vehicle which was parked inside the Pakistani Secretariat. Muhammad Asfandyar Khan, in a request to the PS secretariat, said he had official business at the Ministry of Commerce and had parked his vehicle in the designated area. However, on his return, he found that his vehicle was missing.

Surprisingly, as many as 55 of these criminal cases were reported within the jurisdiction of Golra Police Station alone. The Golra Police Station, interestingly, has recently been a topic of discussion in police and social circles due to strange incidents in its surroundings.

In one such incident, ASI Zahoor Ahmed of PS Golra was accused of spying on the country by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). According to the First Information Report (FIR) registered by the FIA ​​on December 13, 2021, ASI Zahoor had a grim meeting with a foreign diplomat. The two met at the Metro bus station near the Ufone Tower on Jinnah Avenue with the intention of exchanging information and secret documents that could prove harmful to the security and interests of the country.

A raid group was formed which kept a close watch on the venue. The FIA ​​source confirmed that the ASI was chosen by the foreign diplomat in his white corolla, wearing tinted glasses, and the two left for an unknown destination.

“The source advised the FIA ​​official (the undersigned in FIR) to stay at the Ufone tower near the metro bus station. After a while, the white Corolla car returned to the pickup point. charged and deposited the suspect ASI Zahoor there, ”the FIR reads.

As the suspect began to back away, the FIA ​​official and raid teams pulled him over. He held in his hand two movable sets, a wallet and an envelope. Clearly disturbed by the raid, Zahoor gave no plausible explanation for his meeting with the foreign diplomat. However, later during on-the-spot questioning, the suspect revealed that he had taken money from the diplomat in exchange for official secrets, information and documents. At first glance, the suspect’s act is punishable under the official secrecy law of 1923, ”added the FIR.

Interestingly, a few days earlier, ASI Zahoor and a few other police officers had raided some massage centers located in Sector E-11. According to information gathered by Bol News, investigators are trying to establish a link between the raids and Zahoor’s secret meetings with the foreign diplomat.

According to the details obtained, Zahoor as an officer on duty with Deputy Commissioner Saddar, Sania Hameed Pasha and other male and female police personnel checked a few massage centers in the E-11/3 area. The searches were carried out on complaints from the general public and under the direction of the district magistrate, the FIR said.

The search team found ten people (men and women) involved in illicit and indecent activities and were immediately arrested by the police. According to the registered FIR, the massage center was a den of vulgar activity for some time. The police group also raided another massage center and arrested others for allegedly engaging in indecent activities.

According to the police, those arrested had committed a serious crime under article 294/109 of the PPC, which relates to obscene activities and complicity. These massage centers were immediately sealed and the defendants implicated in the crime were taken to Golra police station.

However, a few days later, Zahoor’s cousin Faizul Hassan – who is himself a PS Kohsar police chief – filed a request in Golra in which he said it was not known where Zahoor had been from the November 29, 2021 and feared that Zahoor had been kidnapped.

Bol News reliably learned that ASI Zahoor then returned on December 1 in a state of unease, but some officials prevented a medical examination of him. Soon after, Zahoor took a seven-day leave and left for his hometown, Liyya, in the interior of Punjab. He returned to join his service on December 13, however, but on the same day he was arrested by the FIA ​​for his meeting with the foreign diplomat.

According to police personnel stationed at Golra police station, the defendants who were arrested at the massage center on November 26 were then brought to court and taken into police custody. However, other sources say the defendants in the case were immediately released on bail.

Further investigation into the matter by Bol News revealed that the massage center has reopened and is operating as usual. Some sources close to senior police officials said that by raiding the massage center and making a few arrests there, ASI Zahoor crossed the red line, which he was not supposed to do and was paying the price. . The sources also confirmed that Zahoor’s father lost his mind after his son was accused of espionage by the FIA ​​and was not in stable condition.

Different versions of Zahoor’s arrest are circulating. ASI buddies at the police department believe that since Zahoor abused one of the accused at the massage center he had been in big trouble

Meanwhile, one of the main reasons for the increase in crime in the capital is said to be the rapid expansion of slums on the outskirts of Islamabad. The slums can now be spotted near NUST University, while two large slums are now visible near Tarnol. The Golra region is also the scene of such settlements, which has surely contributed to the escalation of the crime rate in the area.

And then there are shanty towns which are almost areas closed to the police and which are mostly inhabited by Afghan refugees. Similar dwellings can be seen on the banks of the sewers in Islamabad. Recently, a criminal incident occurred in the Lohi Bher area where police personnel suspect that the accused involved quickly made it across the Afghan border after committing the crime. Some migrants are also suspected by police of crossing to Islamabad from the Afghan border in the morning and returning in the evening, making it difficult for security personnel to thoroughly investigate them.

Bol News’s efforts to elicit a response from IG Islamabad were consistently unsuccessful until this report was tabled.