Cuepacs urges the government again to review the salaries of civil servants

Gilbert (left) presents a souvenir to Adnan.

SIBU (February 26): The President of the Congress of Civil and Public Service Employees’ Unions (Cuepacs) Datuk Adnan Mat has again called on the government to review the public sector pay system.

He said it was time to introduce a new system and raise the new minimum wage to RM1,800.

He said the system had not seen any changes in the past 20 years; the current scale is no longer relevant with the increase in the cost of living.

“The current system can no longer support the people. Thus, we have proposed that the new minimum wage be raised to RM1,800.

“Or why not RM2,000 or RM3,000 because we think the government can afford to give. With other allowances, a person can earn a salary of RM2,450 which is very close to the government’s goal of becoming a high-income nation by 2025,” he said.

The reporters said so when they met after the police assembly at the civic center here yesterday.

Adnan added that when the system was first introduced, the government allowed it to be reviewed every 10 years.

“The first round of discussion took place on January 13, 2021.

“I know the economy is suffering because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but this system needs to be reviewed to ease the burden on civil servants,” he said, adding that it would benefit 1.62 million people. officials across the country.

Meanwhile, the police assembly was chaired by Sarawak Police Chief Executive SAC Gilberd Philip Layang.

Gilbert, in his speech, said public servants must always equip themselves with the latest knowledge and skills to deliver better services to the people.

“We always have to improve and strive to perform better every day,” he said.