Dangriga mayor condemns fatal shooting of minor in culture capital – Love FM

The shooting death of Joshua Flores, 15, on Wednesday night in Dangriga, is another incident in a series of crimes police suspects are linked to gangs. Police Commissioner Chester Williams visited the town yesterday to allay fears that the police are doing everything in their power to stem the tide of shootings. Dangriga City Council is also doing its part in this effort and, according to Mayor Robert Mariano, one of the first things to do is provide a police station and streetlights in the area. The mayor spoke to our Stann Creek correspondent, Harry Arzu.

Robert Mariano, mayor of the city of Dangriga: “Dangriga City Council provides a booth for the police service, as requested by the officer in charge of the Dangriga Town Police Station. They want to post two police officers to patrol the Back a Town neighborhood and so this will be the building that will house them so that they can do their job in this neighborhood. Recently we have received several complaints about gunshots in this area and that is why the police deem it necessary to assign police officers to this area and we in the council deem it necessary to work with the police to ensure that law and order prevail in Back a Town and the expanding Dangriga Town0. This area if you notice this post right in front of this building has no light but I have discussed with the manager of BEL and they hope that from tomorrow there will be a light in front of the stand. If you look to the east of this building, there’s an alley right there and people in that area are also complaining that at night the area is dark and so what I’m going to do is do some fieldwork. to make sure that the area is lit as it is important that people who live in this area feel comfortable in their home, especially at night. I want to assure the people of Dangriga that the city council will work closely with the police service to ensure that law and order prevail in Dangriga.