Dimapur City Council workers demand salary release and serve 10-day ultimatum

DMC employees holding posters demanding wages at DMC premises on Monday. (EM pictures)

Our reporter
Dimapur, September 12 (EMN):
The Dimapur Municipal Council Employees Welfare Union (DMC) has issued an ultimatum to the DMC administrator to release their salaries within 10 days which has been pending for two months.

The union also held a poster campaign at the DMC premises on Monday, asking the city council to release their pending pay.

DMC Employees’ Welfare Union President T Revo Anar told reporters that employees had not received their salaries for two months – from July to August – and called on the state government to immediately seize the question, otherwise workers would retaliate with a “no pay, no job” policy.

Anar informed that the main source of income for the DMC is from the toll tax levied on the checkpoints but after the government ordered its closure, especially the New Field checkpoint, Dillai gate and Khatkati gate , revenues have declined.

“After the government issued the order to close all the control gates, we lost 60% revenue, and how can we serve the public; and as DMC’s main resource is closed, we are unable to move forward,” he said.

He reiterated that another main source of income for DMC is business license, house rent and city utility fees, which have also been closed for the time being.

Therefore, he called on the government to open up the source of revenue, which is the checkpoints, and allow the DMC to continue collecting the toll tax, while saying that the council only collects the amount approved by the government.

Surplus employees in DMC

Anar said there are 429 employees in the DMC, against the government’s approval of only 260 employees in the council.

He shared that the council’s total monthly expenses are around INR 1.2 crore including salary and vehicle maintenance, sanitation and others.

The union also submitted a memorandum to the DMC administrator on Monday for transmission to the state government. He was informed that the first memorandum was submitted on May 27, 2022, asking the government to reconsider closing the checkpoints, but there was no response.

The memorandum stated that the DMC has not had an elected body since 2010, and because it is run by the government through its delegated administrative officer, the council is deprived of the allocation of funds intended for municipal bodies by the central government.

Further, he mentioned that after the notification by the government to close all the control gates, the DMC was also barred from collecting urban utility fees, which added to the poor financial situation of the civic organization, affecting not only the monthly salary but also service benefits, including gratuity, collection of leave and business tax.

“ The DMC has not received financial subsidies and the main sources of income are also stopped, following which the DMC Employees’ Welfare Union approached the competent authority empties our representation taking cognizance of the factum, prayed for that the examination of the matter makes it possible to make the payment of the salary of the staff and the employees who depend entirely on their salary, but there is no remedy”, it reads.

“Having exhausted all revenue at the present stage, we are compelled to take the last resort of protest, hence the ultimatum of 10 days from (the date of issue of) this memorandum for redress of our grievances, otherwise the DMC Employees’ Welfare Union will be forced out of work until our grievance regarding payment of wages is resolved,” he added.