Discrepancies in recently released crime statistics for Gauteng: Analyst – SABC News

Independent crime analyst Chris de Kock said he identified some discrepancies in recently released crime statistics for Gauteng.

Crime statistics released Tuesday by the province’s police commissioner, Elias Mawela, showed that assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH), common assault and aggravated robbery continued to represent the core of the crimes reported in Gauteng.

Presenting the quarterly crime statistics, Mawela said the murder rate was alarming and sex offenses had increased by more than 11%.

Crime categories contributed to one-third of overall crime in the province.

De Kock says he funded some exaggerations in the numbers after recalculating.

“I think the police made a mistake at the provincial level in Gauteng, in that they compared the 21/22 quarter of this year to that [from] Last year. They should have actually compared it to 2019/2020 because that was the normal term.

“It was not a COVID neighborhood, if I can call it that. And if you do those calculations, you see that many of the crimes that they showed as increases actually went down,” says De Kock.

The video below discusses crime statistics: