Drones, Aman Committees: After Jahangirpuri, the police campaign in the capital to keep the peace

After communal violence erupted in Jahangirpuri, northwest Delhi, on April 16, police in the National Capital Districts stepped up patrols, while using drones for surveillance and holding frequent meetings of the Aman (peace) committee.

Two drones have been deployed for surveillance in the Central Ward, DCP (Central) Shweta Chauhan said. “Drones have been deployed in mixed population areas to extend our surveillance – one is the Jama Masjid-Chandni Mahal section and the other is Hauz Qazi. We deploy police forces at night, foot patrols, area dominance… we have a police presence on the roads. We have intensified these campaigns and ensured maximum police presence. Meetings of the Aman committee are held almost every day, at the police station level or at the sub-division level, asking residents not to indulge in rumor and not to share anything that is not verified,” she said.

Although Aman Committee meetings and the deployment of drones are generally infrequent, the Jahangirpuri incident has prompted an escalation of measures, the DCP added.

“We have deployed two drones for now, and we can extend its use. We can observe the movements of a place with the drones, so when people gather in one place, we will know,” he said. These exercises will likely continue until Eid, then a call will be taken to see if they should continue, she added.

DCP (North) Sagar Singh Kalsi said that in areas around Lohri Gate, Sarai Rohilla and Sadar Bazaar patrols have been stepped up and Aman Committee meetings are also being held here. Police have increased visibility in the evening, he said. WhatsApp groups have been activated at the level of Resident Welfare Associations and Market Welfare Associations to control rumours, he said.

“Messages have been circulating asking people not to spread rumours, to verify information and to keep the police informed,” he added.

While DCP (Rohini) Pranav Tayal said Aman Committee meetings and area dominance exercises were underway, DCP (Northeast) Sanjay Kumar Sain said traditional measures such as patrols were in progress. Classes.

“The region has been affected by riots in the past. Border control is done on the UP side. The Nagrik Bhaichara Samithi, which has seven area members under each thana, operates at the district level,” Sain said.