EACC takes aim at Ksh 30 million wealth of policeman with Ksh 20,000 salary

A smuggling base commander faces huge losses after the High Court ordered him to hand over his assets valued at more than Kshs 30 million to the state pending an investigation by the Trafficking Commission Ethics and Anti-Corruption (EACC).

According to court documents, Judge Njoki Mwangi ruled that the officer failed to provide proof of his source of wealth, including pieces of land and vehicles.

Part of the properties he was ordered to confiscate include Ksh 10.5 million held in four bank accounts, seven plots of land valued at Ksh 19.4 million, five vehicles and a motorbike.

Police officers during a parade in December 2019.

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The seven plots are based in Malindi, Kwale and Mananja. Judge Mwangi instructed the officer to explain how he acquired the wealth despite earning a net salary of Ksh 20,000 per month.

“I find that the officer has provided no explanation as to why deposits in the amount of Ksh 10,536,199 were made into his various bank accounts, excluding his salary account.”

“The properties of the subject of this lawsuit, as well as the deposits in his bank accounts, raise questions as to their sources. I am satisfied, based on the evidence presented to me by the EACC, that the officer has unexplained assets,” the judge said.

The officer defended his wealth, saying he had worked for more than two decades and was an active member of the Sacco police. He added that he had engaged in multiple scrambles to supplement his income.

Furthermore, the Traffic Chief denied owning land in Kwale or Malindi, but admitted to having acquired land in Ndithini/Mananja.

Alluding to this, he noted that they were acquired by installments and loans.

The officer, however, was unable to provide title deeds to the plots of land, saying he could not trace the documents.

Court documents also revealed that the officer took bribes from road users on the coast by taking advantage of his seniority.

Judge Mwangi ordered the officer to confiscate the assets within 30 days.

Kenyan currency banknotes.

Kenyan banknotes.