Ex-girlfriend testifies in Mason Sisk capital murder trial | New

Jurors in Mason Sisk’s capital murder trial attended nearly 13 hours of testimony Thursday as the state makes its case against the Elkmont teenager accused of killing five family members.

One of the most memorable testimonials came from Sisk’s former girlfriend. She is currently still a minor, but testified that she was dating Sisk in 2019 when the murders took place.

She said she spoke on the phone with Sisk the night of the crime, right after it happened. He called her crying on the phone, saying he was downstairs playing video games when he heard gunshots. When he went up, he saw his whole family dead.

She said Sisk was scared and wanted to go to her house, but she told him that if he left, the police might think he had committed the crime. She told him to stay put and call the cops.

It wasn’t the last interaction between her and Sisk. They continued to talk while Sisk was in jail, and the state presented evidence showing text messages between the two.

A series of posts from February 2021 showed Sisk admitting to killing his family. He wrote that he was held at gunpoint by a masked man and forced to shoot them.

In another message, he wrote that he learned he was good with a gun and was able to kill them all in less than four seconds with bullets to the head.

He also messaged her that he wanted to be a contract assassin, because he wanted a job he was good at that was illegal.

The state brought to the stand another juvenile witness who went to college with Sisk. They stayed in touch while he was in prison, and the state showed similar messages between the two Sisks admitting to killing his family at gunpoint.

Even after reading the gruesome texts to the jury, his former girlfriend had no bad words to say about Sisk. She smiled at him several times and said that she considered him a caring person.

The hearing ended at 9:00 p.m. Thursday and jurors will return for further testimony from Friday at 8:30 a.m.