Feds: York County woman used ill-gotten cash to fund $685,000 home purchase

Melinda Bixler is charged with one count of conducting monetary transactions on property derived from illegal activities, U.S. Attorney John C. Gurganus said.

YORK, Pennsylvania — Note: The video is from January 2020.

A York County woman charged with embezzlement and other offenses in 2020 faces an additional federal charge of engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from illegal activities, U.S. Attorney John C. Gurganus.

Melinda Bixler, 49, is accused of buying a $685,000 home in York with money she obtained through various illegal means, Gurganus said.

Bixler had previously been charged in January 2020 with three counts of corrupt organizations, theft, conspiracy to commit theft and receiving stolen property stemming from her alleged embezzlement of nearly $800,000 from the group at non-profit Adult Care Advocates, which she owned.

Adult Care Advocates, was supposed to help older people who couldn’t afford health care and living expenses. But Bixler instead used client funds for his own personal gain, police said in 2020.

In the federal case, Gurganus said Bixler obtained a mortgage to purchase a $685,000 home by submitting multiple false statements to York Traditions Bank.

Those misrepresentations allegedly included a fake letter from the owners of a commercial property that Bixler had previously purchased stating that she no longer owed any money to the previous owners, when in fact she was still making monthly payments, according to Gurganus.

Bixler also allegedly obtained a gift letter from his son stating that he was giving him $350,000 of his own personal funds, when Bixler actually funneled money to his son through a series of transactions that disguised the true sources of the funds, Gurganus said.

One source of those funds was $78,000 that Bixler withdrew from the bank account of MH, a 94-year-old woman living in a Lancaster County nursing home, Gurganus said.

Bixler was then MH’s power of attorney, so she had access to the elderly client’s bank account, according to Gurganus.

The case was investigated by the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the York County Attorney’s Office, the York County Agency on Aging and the Bureau of Pennsylvania Department of Aging Protective Services. Assistant US Attorney Ravi Romel Sharma is pursuing the case.

If convicted, the maximum penalty under federal law is 10 years in prison. This charge may also result in a fine and probation following a prison sentence.

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