Finance employee hanged in Varanasi: When the woman went to see her angry mother, the young man took the plunge

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A finance employee, resident of Tengra Pass Swastik Apartment in Varanasi, committed suicide by hanging himself on Wednesday. The police sent the body for an autopsy. The reason for the suicide is told as a domestic dispute between the financial worker and his wife. According to people in the apartment, the woman got angry after the argument and went to her mother’s house. For this reason, the financial worker gave his life in anger.

lived on rent for three months

Rohit Seth (32), from the Chowk area, had been living for three months in rental accommodation in apartment number 402 of Swastik Apartment. He was accompanied by his wife Shalini and a daughter. Rohit was working in the branch of Bajaj Finance in Jamalpur, Mirzapur.

According to the discussion of people in the apartment, Rohit argued with Shalini about cooking.

Shalini had gone to her mother’s house in Chitaipur on August 8. Saddened by this, Rohit hanged himself on Wednesday by tying a noose to his wife’s dupatta. On the information of the apartment guard, Rohit’s family reached his apartment.

The body was handed over to relatives

Father Kishan Seth said Rohit was the younger of his two sons. Rohit and Shalini had a love marriage. Meanwhile, Ramnagar Police Station Chief Ashwini Pandey said the body had been sent for an autopsy. The body was handed over to relatives after the autopsy. The young man committed suicide following a marital dispute.

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