Five-year Capital Replacement Plan presented to City Council

Posted on April 27, 2022
Five-year Capital Replacement Plan presented to City Council

Capital replacement involves services and programs that are essential to the community and include the city’s parks, buildings, permanent facilities, facilities, vehicles and information technology infrastructure. Moraga had three lean years between 2016 and 2019, during which many asset replacements or repairs had to be postponed unless absolutely necessary. So in 2019, the library’s heating system broke down during the winter, and the restrooms at Rancho Laguna Park were out of service for nine months.

According to an April 13 staff report from Director of Parks and Recreation Breyana Brandt, “The Asset Replacement Program transitioned to a five-year program in 2021-22 to align with the implementation by the City of a five-year capital improvement program The full list of assets that are past due or due for replacement over the next five years totals $2,418,700 Staff is recommending $1,582,000 in asset replacement projects over the next five years, with an average annual investment of $317,000 per year.

For fiscal year 2022-23, staff recommendations include: Hacienda’s metal fence and front door (nearly 30 years old, unstable and rusty; repairs would be too expensive) $42,000; Pavilion Flagstone Staircase Phase 1 – Design (c. 1938 is not ADA compliant and unstable) $49,000; Rancho Laguna Park picnic tables (dry rot, replace with 100% recyclable plastic tables) $53,000; 2016 Ford Explorer Police Vehicle (Police vehicles experience high wear and tear, this vehicle has reached its lifespan of five to seven years. A contribution of $56,000 is available from the 103 COPS Fund) $56,000; 2001 Ford Expedition public works vehicle (maintenance costs become prohibitive) $58,000; and Computer Server and Hardware (annual investment in city technology infrastructure, includes server replacement, new computers, and Tri-Caster replacement) $57,500. The total projected costs are $315,500.

Staff recommendations for FY 2023-24 include: Library Sewer Lateral (due to be replaced in 2014, an inspection in 2020 extended its life by two years) $34,000; 329 Rheem Sewer Lateral (should have been replaced last year) $6,000; Pavilion Flagstone Staircase Phase 1 – Construction (replace existing stair) $206,000; 2014 Dodge Charger police vehicle (this vehicle has exceeded its useful life by five to seven years) $56,000; 2007 Ford F-250 Public Works Vehicle (reaching end of life) $48,000; and Computer server and hardware (annual investment in the city’s technological infrastructure) $32,500. Total projected costs are $382,500.

Projected costs for FY 2024-25 ($328,500) will cover: the Hacienda retaining wall; Renovating Hacienda wood floors; 329 Rheem Trellis; 2014 Ford Taurus police vehicle; 2007 Ford F-250 Public Works Maintenance Vehicle; and Server and Computer Hardware.

Planned costs for FY 2025-26 ($290,500) will cover: Commons Park spray function; Hacienda Interior Painting; Exterior painting of the pavilion; 335 Rheem Restroom Renovation – Back; 2018 Dodge Charger police vehicle; Public Works Maintenance Dump Truck; and Server and Computer Hardware.

Finally, the planned costs for fiscal year 2026-27 ($267,000) will cover: Hacienda HVAC; Flat roof of the library; Mulholland gate and fence; 2019 Dodge Charger police vehicle; and Public Works 1999 Bobcat Loader.