Five-year statistics: more Estonians are returning to the country than leaving | New

Released for the fourth time, Estonia’s migration statistics overview for 2017-2021 provides an overview of various migration indicators, including who moved to Estonia in the past five years and why, and to which parts of the country. country they moved to, as well as information regarding acquiring Estonian citizenship, e-residency and international protection.

“Migration statistics help us better understand what is happening in Estonian migration policy,” Culture Minister Piret Hartman (SDE) said in a press release on Tuesday. “The 2021 report indicates that more people are moving to Estonia to live, work or study than they are leaving. Among these arrivals there are also many returning Estonian citizens.”

From the perspective of the Ministry of Culture, it is vital that Estonia pays attention to the different types of migration and helps those who intend to stay here longer to adapt quickly and recover, Hartman added. .

Return to Estonia of Estonian citizens living abroad, 2017-2021. Source: Settling in Estonia

“The overview of migration statistics clearly reflects how migration is affected by changes taking place in society,” said Eike Luik, expert at the Estonian Contact Point of the European Migration Network (EMN). “Among the most important influencing factors are the travel restrictions put in place in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, or the migration crises in third countries. But our own legislative changes have also had an impact. influence, such as changes in labor migration regulations.

Luik noted that the migration statistics released periodically allow to analyze the evolution of migration trends and to plan new policy changes if necessary.

The migration overview also acts as a tool to help develop and better target adaptation and integration services, the ministry pointed out, adding that it helps provide a better understanding of factors impacting on migration and to generate a more complete picture of the real situation.

How Estonian citizenship is acquired. Source: Settling in Estonia

The overview of migration statistics was compiled in cooperation with the Estonian Contact Point of the European Migration Network using data from the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA), Statistics Estonia and the Register Population.

Available in Estonian, English and Russian, the overview of Estonia’s migration statistics for 2017-2021 can be read online in full here.

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