Former FIT student who allegedly stormed capital awaits his fate

CHELSEA, NY – Two days after the Jan.6 riot on Capitol Hill, public safety officers from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Chelsea alerted the FBI that several professors and students had examined photos and videos on social media of his classmate Nicolas Anthony Moncada participating in the riot, authorities say.

Professors and other students were “certain” that the images Moncada allegedly posted on his own social media accounts depicted the Staten Island native, who was studying illustration at FIT, participating in the riot at the Capitol building. , wrote the investigators.

The FBI then executed search warrants on Facebook and Twitter accounts believed to belong to Moncada, which corroborated the screenshots submitted to authorities by FIT campus security.

On the same day, the FBI also observed Moncada’s Instagram accounts, which contained photos of Moncada in the Capitol building outside President Nancy Pelosi’s office, authorities said.

Moncada posted this photo on January 6, showing it inside the Capitol. (FBI)

Ten days after the FBI learned of Moncada’s social media post on the day of the riot, he was arrested at his Staten Island home.

Moncada first appeared in court in early February 2020, during which he was eventually released on bail without bail, court documents show.

A discharge on your own recognizance is a written promise signed by the defendant promising that he will appear at future court appearances and will not engage in any illegal activities during his absence.

It has seen its subsequent preliminary hearings permanently postponed – most recently on December 3, 2021 “because the parties are discussing a no-trial provision,” according to a court document.

This gives them an additional 90 days to work on the case without having to appear in court, according to the most recent document in the Moncada case.

“Our initial position, that he (Moncada) was only a photographer journalist, he did not cause any damage, he did not rape, he followed a crowd, he followed the instructions of the police that we have it on video, and proclaims his innocence, “said the Gallucci law. Firm, which represents Moncada, said Patch during a phone call.

The Gallucci law firm also told Patch they are awaiting the “discovery,” which is the formal process of exchanging information between the parties about witnesses and evidence that will be presented during the trial.

A phone number listed for Moncada did not forward a call or text from Patch.

“Storming of the Capitol”

When a social media user commented “what’s going on? To a video Moncada posted to his Instagram on Jan.6 showing the interior of the Capitol building, Moncada replied – “Storming the Capitol Building,” according to the FBI.

Courtesy of the FBI

When another person commented asking where the video took place, Moncada replied, “The Capitol where the Senate and House are counting the electoral votes,” according to the FBI.

The two Instagram accounts Moncada used to post selfies and first-person videos depicting the Capitol Riot have been deleted, but his “IdeologicalWay” Twitter account is still active.

Authorities say the “IdeologicalWay” Twitter account is owned by Moncada, and a photo of Moncada is set as a profile photo.

The biography of Twitter account reads: “Freelance journalist commentator artist • Liberal libertarian who loves freedom • Confused with Antifa 4 times so far.” “

On January 5, 2020, he tweeted – “I’m on my way to DC tonight … will either of you be there?”

On January 7, the day after the riot – he tweeted three tweets calling a photo of elected officials taking cover on Capitol Hill “pathetic”, saying he “liked” the message that “leftists are right in Anger at them took it out on the government itself instead of a small family sports bar, ”and wrote the following:“ Don’t let these few Antifa steal the show. And maybe we can shake their hands and storm the Capitol again one day… ”.

The “IdeologicalWay” has been dormant since January 16, 2021.

As for Moncada’s enrollment in FIT, he had been a student there for at least two years prior to Jan.6, 2021, according to the FBI.

However, an FIT spokesperson told the New York Post that although Moncada was a student at the school in illustration, he had not been enrolled since May 2020.

At the time of the January 21 Post article on Moncada, her mother told the publication she was “upset that everyone is jumping to conclusions. He’s such a good kid. I just don’t want to see his future ruined because he wanted to see what was going on. “

Patch was able to find an active Instagram account for Moncada through December 2021, which shows the Staten Island native sharing photos of his drawings and practicing jiujitsu.