Fraud at Agra Government School: Principal Takes His Salary Despite His Absence and Hires a Woman to Teach on His Behalf | India News

New Delhi: In a shocking incident reported in Agra in Uttar Pradesh, a primary school principal was receiving a salary without attending school and hired a woman to teach students on his behalf, News18 reported citing the Department of Education. basic education of the UP.

According to the report, the headmaster was paying the woman Rs 5,000 a month to teach students on his behalf while she was away all the time and receiving her monthly salary throughout.

The incident was reported at Nagla Surai Primary School in Jaitpur Kalan

After being reported, Divisional Urdu Deputy Inspector Rakesh Kumar and Divisional Lunch Coordinator Rakesh Kumar Parashar came to the school to inspect the matter.

The principal was not present in the school at the time of the inspection. However, the principal’s hired girl was present, the News18 report said.

According to the testimony of the woman, she was hired by the accused in 2021 and received a monthly salary of Rs 5,000.

AD Basic Mahesh Chandra has ordered the BSA in charge to take disciplinary action against the Director and relevant culprits. He said the whole issue should be resolved by forming a committee at the earliest, News18 reported.

During the investigation, villagers and residents told police they had never seen the principal at the school.