Gambia: Striking public health workers face pay cut, others

A statement from the Ministry of Health revealed that any public health workers who continue to strike and miss work despite the government’s stance to meet their demands will result in their salaries being stopped.

The ministry is therefore urging all striking members of the Ministry of Health’s Bureau of Public and Environmental Health to report to work with “immediate effect”.

“To this end, all heads of unit are invited to draw up the list of staff members who have not reported for work as of Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. Thereafter, administrative measures will be taken. against those who are voluntarily absent from work, including stopping their wages and other steps,” the authorities revealed.

The ministry further advised that despite all the efforts made by the leadership of the ministry, as explained in the latest engagement between the Hon. Minister and the executive of the Association of Public Agents and the Environment highlighting the concern and the plight of the citizens, the said executive makes disrespectful statements against the authorities.

“The ministry has had extensive discussions with the executive members of the association to explain to them all the positive steps the government is taking to ensure that additional allowances are given to public health and other health workers. These steps are nearing completion as we speak.”

Much to their disappointment, the ministry explained that it appears that members of the executive are not conveying the correct information to the general membership, thus prompting the members in error to continue the strike – an action detrimental to the citizens.

The ministry continued that it has also noticed that some members of the executive committee are not satisfied whenever the ministry is close to a solution in its discussion with them, adding that it goes further to imply that these members are not satisfied. have no interest in the association. or the country at heart.