Guillory administration calls for pay rise for police chief

At next week’s city council meeting, members will consider an ordinance that would raise the Lafayette police chief’s salary.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory writes that the increase from $9,718, to $170,000 per year, will help get more applications to fill the position of chief. Lafayette has had five chiefs since Guillory took over in 2020.

“My administration has spoken to police chief search firms and they have indicated that the current salary is insufficient for a city our size in the ever-changing world of law enforcement. We don’t know. how many applicants we will have for this position as the deadline for applications is June 17, 2022,” Guillory wrote. “At this time, we do not know what rate of pay will be offered to the person selected to be our next leader. However, we want to have enough budget to attract as many qualified and diverse candidates as possible.”

The order is to be presented at Tuesday’s meeting. This means that it will be submitted for final adoption at the next city council.

As of mid-May, there were only five applicants, and none of them were from outside of Louisiana. Two of the five did not appear to meet the legal qualifications for the position, which requires a number of years of law enforcement experience and a university degree. Two of the other three are currently members of the Lafayette Police Department.

In May, the Lafayette Fire and Police Civil Service Board extended the application period for an additional 30 days at the request of the Guillory administration so that a search firm could be hired.

The Lafayette Police Department has had five police chiefs as of January 2020.

When Josh Guillory took over, he asked Chief Toby Aguillard to step down, reportedly due to a poor relationship with Sheriff Mark Garber. Lt. Scott Morgan was named acting chief.

The Guillory administration then hired Chief Thomas Glover of the Dallas Police Department and fired him 10 months later. sergeant. Wayne Griffin was named acting chief, but two weeks later was placed on administrative leave pending a sexual harassment investigation. He was also later fired.

The current interim chief, Major Monte Potier, was appointed in October 2021.

Also on the agenda is a joint order that would add a position to Guillory’s office and increase the salary of an existing position. The order would increase the salary of an administrative specialist and add a digital communications specialist.

In his letter requesting the money, Guillory says the administrative specialist took on additional duties and secured a solicitor’s commission. The digital position would facilitate communications and outreach, and include a corresponding decrease in payments for temporary employees, Guillory wrote.

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