Hc Docks Salary For Two Inspectors | Chennai News

Chennai: The Madras District Court ordered the Chennai Police Commissioner to recover wages paid to two female inspectors who failed to execute a default warrant issued against a person accused of domestic violence.
Judge P Velmurugan said the officers were not entitled to receive a salary during the period because they did not perform their duties as station officers.
“Therefore, the commissioner is responsible for taking ministerial action against the two delinquent officials and recovering their salary during their period as an officer of the Anna Nagar police station, all the women of the police station and to deliver the same to the government and to file a report on the measures taken. same thing, in this tribunal as soon as possible preferably before February 2022 “, said the tribunal. The matter concerns a plea filed by Parimala, who had filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband On October 23, 2010, a court in Mahila issued an NBW against her husband because he had failed to appear in court.
However, even after repeated reminders, the Anna Nagar All Women Police failed to execute the NBW. Injured, Parimala moved the high court.
At the appeal of the plea, the court ordered the appearance of the inspectors who were in charge of the station at the relevant time.
Inspectors Dhanalakshmi and Selvi appeared in court but failed to satisfactorily explain why they had not executed the NBW.
Recording the observations, the court declared: “The two delinquent agents being civil servants and receiving a salary from public money, did not fulfill their duty satisfactorily and did not obey the order of this court. , for which there is no valid reason offered. “
Thus, according to this court, they are not entitled to salary during their period as house officer at the police station, added the judge.