Hoboken plans to raise police chief’s salary to $255,000

A quarter of a million dollars: this could soon be the new maximum base salary for a chief of police in Hoboken.

City council plans to vote on second reading Wednesday to increase the amount from $226,000 to $255,000.

The figure would continue to put the value of the Chief of Police far above any other City of Hoboken employee and increase the budget of the Public Safety Branch, which is also increasing with the appointment of the former Chief of Police. police Ken Ferrante as the new Director of Public Safety.

Ferrante started in mid-March, but the city council will also vote on his nomination tomorrow. His salary is $155,000, city officials said.

Hudson County police chiefs and the municipalities they serve have long strived to stay competitive on salaries, raising the bar every year in the process.

While current salaries for most Hudson County police chiefs weren’t immediately available Monday, the North Bergen police chief earned $251,160 in November. 2020, at the time the highest in the county.

Steven Aguiar, Acting Chief of Police of Hoboken started as chef on March 1. The $255,000 the city council will vote on is the result of negotiations for his contract. Aguiar’s predecessor, Daniel LoBue, had a salary of $226,000, the same salary that Ferrante, who served before him, was earning upon his release.

Compared to Aguiar’s $255,000 annual salary to protect a city of 51,000, David Brown would earn $260,000 as superintendent of police in Chicago, a city of 2.75 million. Danielle Outlaw, police commissioner of Philadelphia, with a population of 1.6 million, reportedly earns $265,000 a year, while Michel Moore, police chief of Los Angeles, a city of 4 million, earns $439,000. dollars per year.

Salaries and other payments for leadership in Hoboken’s public safety world total over $1 million.

In addition to the police chief, the city pays fire chief Anton Peskens a salary of $199,691 plus an annual allowance of $16,000, Administrative Leave Fire Chief Brian Crimmins a salary of $196,064, Office of the Emergency Coordinator Sgt. William Montanez an $85,000 stipend in addition to his salary of $161,732 and, newly, Hudson County Commissioner Anthony Romano a salary of $50,000 as a part-time public safety adviser.

City Council also plans to hold a final vote on Wednesday on ending the moratorium on rent increases in rent-controlled units and on executing a redevelopment agreement for the Hoboken Yard redevelopment area. The agreement encompasses the area in and around the Hoboken Terminal, where developer LCOR plans to construct a 28-story residential building and a 20-story office building.