Housing Finance Bank suspends NWSC payment system |

Customers who have used Housing Finance Bank to pay the water bills, you have to wait longer or think about plan B for now. This was confirmed by the bank in a text message sent to customers on Monday 11/7/2022: there is a “temporary NWSC downtime” and there is not much they can do about it.

HFB says an investigation is ongoing during this time with speculation they may be the latest victims of a cyberattack.

“Dear customer, there is a temporary interruption NWSC unavailability of the HFB Mobile Banking platform which is the subject of an investigation. We regret the inconvenience caused,” read a text message to customers.

Text message sent to HFB customers today

A senior source further informs us that lately, many customers have been complaining about HFB online platforms. There is an allegation that some customers were tricked into paying the NWSC bill using the mobile banking system.

“Some customers pay a water bill, the money is immediately deducted from their accounts but never receives the transaction receipt. Also, the payment never trickles down to the NWSC accounts,” says one of the affected customers.

Additionally, customers using the same platform to pay their electricity bills would have faced the same challenges.

The Uganda Police’s 2019 Annual Crime and Road Safety Report showed that more than 41 billion Ugandan shillings ($11 million) had been lost to criminals through cybercrime, including card swapping SIM and digital financial account hacking.

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