Humble ISD Raises Starting Teacher Salary to $61,500 Ahead of 2022-23 School Year

ISD’s humble trustees have approved a compensation plan for the 2022-23 school year that includes 4% raises for all staff members and $1,000 allowances for the return of full-time auxiliary staff , infant nutrition, child care and transportation. (Wesley Gardner/Community Impact Journal)

ISD’s humble trustees have approved a compensation plan for the 2022-23 school year that includes average salary increases of 4% for all staff and $1,000 stipends for the return of full-time auxiliary staff, child nutrition, custody and transportation.

At the May 24 board meeting, HISD chief financial officer Billy Beattie said the 4% increase, which will raise teachers’ starting salaries from $59,000 to $61,500, was necessary to maintain HISD’s competitiveness with neighboring school districts.

In April, HISD officials suggested a 3% raise for all employees. Beattie said the rise to 4% was made to avoid potential teacher shortages in the 2022-23 school year.

“The 4% model helps us stay competitive [with nearby districts and] even gain some ground,” Beattie said. “In a year where we think it may be harder to hire, we want to be able to stay competitive.”

Beattie also noted that the compensation plan does not include any rate increases from the district’s alternative health insurance plan. HISD had previously opted out of providing insurance through the Texas teachers’ retirement system, known as TRS-ActiveCare.

According to trustee Robert Sitton, the district’s ability to avoid an increase in insurance rates effectively provides an additional pay raise for staff.

“Every 3% raise we’ve given in the past has been eaten up by TRS[-Active] Care premiums are increasing 2-3% every year,” Sitton said. “The fact that we now have our own Humble ISD alternative health plan, plus the increase without increasing their premiums, is a real pay raise.”

Additionally, Beattie said the 2022-23 compensation plan will increase the pay rate for substitute teachers by $40 a day. Board members approved a temporary $40-a-day pay increase for substitute teachers in the 2021-22 school year, though Beattie said the approved plan will make that increase permanent.

HISD Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen said the aim of the increased pay rate for substitute teachers was to help staff members avoid having to cover extra classrooms.

“It’s really important to our teachers that they have planning time that they can rely on, so when it’s taken out because they have to cover [other teacher’s classrooms] …it really makes a difference in the quality of their lives,” Fagen said. “We truly believe that investing in our substitute teachers and ensuring that our visiting teachers are by far the highest paid in the region is actually a benefit to our tenured teachers.”

Officials noted that the 2022-23 compensation plan was approved ahead of the district’s 2022-23 fiscal year budget to give managers concrete compensation numbers as the district begins hiring staff for the district. school year 2022-23. Trustees will review the district’s proposed budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year for approval at the June 21 meeting.