ICT Police and Pak Rangers team up to improve security in Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD – Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Akbar Nasir Khan and Director General (DG) of Pakistan Rangers Major General Mohammad Gaddafi agreed on Monday to formulate a joint plan to improve the security situation in the capital federal government, a police spokesman said.

The two senior officers, in a meeting, discussed various options regarding security in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

They commended the role of the ICT Police and the Pakistan Rangers in establishing law and order and maintaining peace in the city and pledged to further improve coordination between the two forces. order, he said.

Meanwhile, police apprehended 19 criminals, including nine drug traffickers involved in criminal activities, and recovered drugs, cash, a stolen motorbike and weapons with ammunition in their possession, it said. -he adds.

Pulghran Police Team arrested two drug traffickers namely Ejaz and Qamer Shahzad and recovered 2125 grams of heroin and 120 grams of ice cream in their possession. The Shams settlement police team apprehended three defendants namely Nasir Mehmood, Kashif Shah and Akeel Hussain and recovered 1360 grams of hashish, a dagger, a 30 caliber pistol along with ammunition in their possession.

Similarly, the Kirpa police team arrested an accused Umer Gulzar and recovered 1440 grams of heroin and 50 grams of ice in his possession. A team of female police officers apprehended a drug trafficker, namely Balqis, and recovered 1120 grams of heroin from her possession.

Similarly, Bhara Kahu police team arrested two drug dealers including a lady namely Zakia Bibi and Baber and recovered 2467 grams of heroin in their possession, while the police team arrested the accused Aftab involved in the illegal sale of gasoline.

Additionally, the Kohsar Police Team arrested two defendants namely Shafi Ullah and Sulman David and recovered two 30 caliber pistols along with ammunition in their possession, while the Police Team also arrested the accused Majeed Ullah involved in illegal filling of gas. Golra Police arrested the accused Noman and recovered a stolen motorcycle in his possession. In addition, the industrial zone police team arrested one accused, namely Adnan, and recovered a 30 caliber pistol in his possession. Noon Police arrested the accused Muhammad Mumtaz and recovered a 12 gauge firearm in his possession.

Charges have been filed against the arrested defendants and further investigation is ongoing.